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Click "LOOK INSIDE" to get the  FIRST 3  CHAPTERS FREE!!. Only$ 2.99 to buy electronic. Due to the cost of printing and shipping, I get paid about $2 for ANY form of book you purchase. Please Do not feel obligated to purchase any specific priced book for my benefit. 

Five teen's lives get turned upside down when they realize they have magical powers formed from telekinesis and telepathy. They are whisked away to a special school of people with the same gifts. There they meet each other and Cat and Lahzar feel an instant attraction. 

The group of teens are led to the mystical planet Lumina. Where they learn the history behind the legends of everything from gnomes to unicorns and dragons.


They must fight against the evil Solus as he tries to destroy all of the magical creatures and everything in his path.They form a strong connection throughout their adventure. Lahzar is Cat's emotional rock, and she is his. She knows that together they can accomplish anything.

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