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I Believe I can FLYYYY

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They all stop and stare at you the moment you start to prepare food WHY? lol Your dogs suck at covering for you. IJS.

The grandkids have the insufferable job of keeping the puppies well socialized and tuckered out.


Hi, I'm Joy. Rest assured you're welcome to be yourself here. I've never known a dog to judge anyone.
You're in good hands.

Hello, I'm Joy and I breed with my "more mischievous" half David. We are simply a family that loves puppies. We bred before but got out of the business in 2009. Now that the nest is empty, and David has retired, we decided to fill it with fur babies again and started in 2019.

So even though we have an excess of knowledge and experience, we are still just starting out with limited funds. I work retail and he takes care of the house and dogs.

Our dogs are spoiled. Whether they are giving him puppy dog eyes for scraps (which he sneaks them against my will), or snuggling in our king-sized bed, they think that all humans live to serve them. and we definitely do. They have us well trained,


When the puppies go home, at no sooner than 8 weeks, they have been introduced to other dogs and cats, our young grandchildren, baths, electric razors, toenail filer, and other grooming tools. We started potty training as soon as they start to go without mama stimulating them, and cleaning the mess at about 4-5 weeks. They are trained on potty pads, which you can use by moving it a little closer to the door every day until it is where you want it outside. They come with a starting supply list and training manual to help you through that process.


I stand behind our puppies. I am here to answer any questions you may have, give you advice, back it with documentation, lend you a hand if you need it, and if you are in a position where you are forced to relinquish your baby to a shelter or rescue, we plead with you to give them to us instead and we will find them a new home.

So take a look at our puppies here , and our Adult poodles here to see the parents. I have not yet completed the "facilities" page and paperwork pages but you are welcome to see it as it progresses. Just forgive the messes there as we are under construction, LOL

If you're interested, please text me at (859)Toy-Pood, that's (859)869-7663. Text is always best. If I don't answer I will get back to you shortly.


Coming Oct 6-9

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