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Our Story

Hello, I'm Joy and I breed with my "more mischievous" half David. We are simply a family that loves puppies. We bred before but got out of the business in 2012. Now that the nest is empty, and David has retired, we decided to fill it with fur babies again and started in 2019

So even though we have an excess of knowledge and experience, we are still just starting out with limited funds. I work retail and he takes care of the house and dogs.

Our dogs are spoiled. Whether they are giving him puppy dog eyes for scraps (which he sneaks them against my will), or snuggling in our king-sized bed, they think that all humans live to serve them. and we definitely do. They have us well trained,


When the puppies go home, at no sooner than 8 weeks, they have been introduced to other dogs and cats, our young grandchildren, baths, electric razors, toenail filer, and other grooming tools. We started potty training as soon as they start to go without mama stimulating them, at about 4-5 weeks. They are trained on potty pads, which you can use by moving it a little closer to the door every day until it is where you want it outside.

The puppies come with a birth record. They have their tails docked in traditional poodle form. The awkward and useless dew claws have been removed so they don't get snagged and ripped during grooming or play. They have had 2 doses of the 5-way vaccine., and at least 2 maybe 3 doses of dewormer. All of these are documented on the birth record.

Our puppies are pick up only. If you can't drive to our house in Southgate Michigan, we are sorry but we refuse to ship, and we dont drive.  There are a lot of scammers out there. electronic payments are good ways to scam. We meet in person at my home.

If you are putting down a deposit to hold the puppy, it is generally $200. I take cash or Zelle. No, I will not send money to your Zelle because it didn't go through or whatever excuse you give. I apologize to the honest people out there, but I have never seen Zelle not work almost iimmediately. Plus, my bank and most well-known banks trusts it enough to promote and sponsor it, I will show you id and you will know where I live as well as you will be given a receipt for the deposit. Deposit is not refundable if you change your mind or don't have the rest of the money within the timeframe you initially agreed to. It is only refundable due to the health or injury of the puppy before he goes home. If you're still interested, please text me at

(612)puppies I may not respond right away because I do work, but I will get back to you.I am always available from 3pm to 5pm

Meet The Team

Bitsy-Large Cream Toy

Foxy Tiny Apricot Toy


Peggy-Large White Toy

Roxanne Tiny Apricot Toy

Foxy and Bitsy

All four girls
Kovu our Phantom Large Toy Stud

Puppies for

Our apologies, but all of our puppies have currently found wonderful homes

Bitsy should be expecting next in or around May 2023. Her due date will be announced when she mates.

Past Puppies

Kovu's first litter of 10 with
Cavapoo Mama Molly

Peggy Sue's first litter of 3 apricot/cream boys

Teddy, Gizmo and Oakley

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