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A Whole New World of Epic Fantasy Sci-fi Advnture

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Lazar accidentally realizes he can move colors in the air around with his mind to form things. He is soon approached by a strange recruiter at his home and taken to the school of The Enlightened Ones where he is informed he has telekinesis and telepathy, a rare connection to the 4th dimension. He can now see Lumina, a world near ours that the Common can't see.


Lazar and 4 others are tested to have full prism powers, which means 2 of them are prophesized to attempt to save Lumina from Solus, a creature that thrives off of the terror of others. He is slowly destroying Lumina, the guardian  planet, and plans to attack earth next.

Follow Lazar on his travels to Lumina a strange new planet where he meets fantasy creatures old and new, finds the meaning behind old myths, and what's truly happening behind modern marvels on Earth that don't make any sense.

Follow him as he and his 4 comrades as they set out to battle with  power, wit, and skill  against this powerful force and his army of demons, evil beasts, and monstrous creations. Who are the 2 Prisms that must overpower him, and most importantly, can they? The prophecies are cryptic. Most imply they do, but there is that one...

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